Upcoming Vote for adjusting SAN Pools

Current sSwap Update

The dev team has improved the speed of the exchange. Users should feel faster and the team will update the UI in the next few days as well.

Pool Adjustment

The team has received many requests for putting up a vote regarding the components of SAN pools. The team also aims to attract more volumes to sSwap.

Here is the proposal:

Current Weight:

SAN/USDt LP Pool Weight = 3
USDt/TRX LP Pool Weight = 2
CRT/USDt LP Pool Weight = 2

The rest of the pools, weight = 1

Proposed Change:

Leave SAN/USDt LP Pool Weight = 3

The rest of all LP Pool Weight = 1

Adding pools for


The team does not have an exact time for the vote yet as we have several functional improvements for sSwap (we want to improve it to a better status before we attract more volume here), most likely within 3 days and will inform as soon as possible once we have it confirmed.



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