tBridge Token (TAI) Offering

2 min readAug 27, 2020


Project Overview:

tBridge.io is one of the most important part of the TronFi ecosystem. It’s a cross-chain asset exchange solution that helps to bring BTC, ETH and other crypto assets to TRON network.

Together with the upcoming sister project zSwap.io, which is a decentralized exchange, they two would greatly help enrich the TRON Defi experience by providing great liquidity both from inside and outside the Tron network.

tBridge.io — Providing Cross-chain Liquidity to Tron from BTC, ETH and more
zSwap.io — Providing On-chain Liquidity between any TRC20 tokens

Token Symbol: Tai
Token Supply: 3.5 million
Initial Offering Price: 1 USDt — 1.5 USDt

Team, Liquidity Pool and Consultant part will be locked for 6 month, and unlock linearly during 10 months.


Seed Round:

Accepts strategic investment from individuals or organizations who can help promote the project, the maximum allocation is 10,000 Tai per entity. The seed round price 1 TAI = 0.9 USDt.

Defi Community Round:

2000 Tai/account, maximum 200 accounts. In order to prevent unfair competition, qualified community member must fill a form on 2020–08–28 14:00 UTC in our discord server and telegram group.
The allocation will be first come, first served.


Starting from 2020–08–27 16:00 UTC to 2020–08–27 22:00 UTC, TronFi dev team would collect 1 snapshots each hour for all TRON wallet address on Pearl.finance consecutively for 6 hours.
The exact snapshot time during each hour would be random. In order to qualify to join the Defi Community Round, your wallet address has to stake at least 750 DZI or 50,000 JST or holding at 1 Pearl in all snapshots.

The team will cross-match the whitelist wallets and the snapshot wallets and rank them using 2 requirements:

  1. Number of snapshots the wallet have, the more, the better.
  2. The form submission time, the early the better.

Oversubscribed Auction Round:

2020–08–29 02:00 UTC — 2020–08–29 14:00 UTC

Investors who want to join the oversubscribed auction round will need to send USDt to a designated address. The final token price would be decided by the total amount raised during 12 hours.
If the total amount <= 600k, token price = 1 USDt,
If the total amount > 600k && total amount <= 900k, token price = Math.Round(total amount/600k, 2),
If the total amount > 900k, token price = 1.5 USDt. In this circumstance, all investors will split the allocation proportionally based on their investment amount and get a refund for the non-used portion of their funds.




For a better future on Tron. Tronfi aims to build an all-inclusive DEFI DAO & ecosystem.