sSwap migration due to TRON mainnet code change

2 min readJan 7, 2021


On Nov 2nd, 2020, Tron network published v4.1.0 and changed the CREATE2 instruction that was used by Uniswap code. As sSwap is forked from UniSwap, the performance of sSwap is impacted:

  1. No new pairs can be added to the sSwap exchange.
  2. Frequent transaction failures with a burn of 100 TRX

To know more info regarding this change,

The contract address created by the CREATE2 instruction is calculated with a prefix of 0x41, not 0xff for EVM.

Chinese version:

CREATE2 指令创建的合约地址计算时,前缀字节为 0x41, 而非 EVM 的 0xff

The dev team has researched the code change on github and decided the only solution is to migrate the sSwap.

What will happen:

  1. Team will publish sSwap V2 while sSwap V1 (the original one) can be accessed as well. Users can migrate anytime by themselves.
  2. Team will unlock PEV liquidity so LP can be removed.
  3. Current farm pools’ reward will be set to 0 and new V2 pools will be added. The reward speed will be the same. All previous pools can be accessed and tokens can be withdrawn anytime.

1x speed: 0.03 SAN per second, 2592 SAN per day

4. First batch pools to be added are:


More pools to add subsequently:


SAN-USDT has a weight of 3. all other pools will have a weight of 1.

4. Team will remove SLM-SAN link from header, but if users still want to swap, the utility can be accessed via URL:

5. V1 Pool rewards will end at 2020–01–07 14:00 UTC Time. V2 Pool rewards will start at 2021–01–08 14:00 UTC Time .V2 Swap and Pools will be up online before 2021–01–08 14:00 UTC Time, users can withdraw from V1 pools and stake to V2 pools before hand.




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