SalmonSwap: 10x Speed Ends Soon. Staking Launch.

2 min readSep 21, 2020


The 10x speed mining for Salmon token will be ending soon in 12 hours. After that, 1x speed will be launch. That would be 0.03 Salmon Token per second.

As we stayed put with the total supply bug mentioned in here:

There is extra SLM minted locked up in the pool contract. To fix this issue forever, we will republish both token and pool contracts.

that means, we will have a new SAN token later today.

This time, all old pools will stay open so you can withdraw and make the exchange anytime and switch over to new pools.

Staking Launch

You can stake SAN to earn SAN. The SAN rewards are buybacks using exchange fee shares (0.06%), right now around 7000 USDt.

sSwap Exchange Plans

After the staking portal launch, it would be our primary focus to help generate more exchange fee so our SAN holders can benefit. The team is currently trying to contact TRON projects to list on sSwap and adding pools. It would help diversify our ecosystem. Meanwhile, we are diligently working on listing with coingecko as a DEX.


In short, what will happen today after 10x speed pool ends:

  1. There will be a token exchange on website (SLM -> SAN), but you can withdraw SLM from old pools and make the exchange anytime you want. No expiry.
  2. The old pools which produces SLM will have 0 speed
  3. There will be new pools produces SAN with 1x speed
  4. You can stake SAN to earn SAN in staking page.




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