#SAL Governance for adding new pools and #SAL burns.

Dear Community,

As the governance token of salmonswap, #SAL token holders are entitled to take reign of the new pool listing on salmon.

The candidates are Top 10 Pairs (ordering by liquidity) on JustSwap, dates now they are:

For each new pool, they would have 50k allocation with 7 day running time. (As we are already very close to the sSwap.io launch.)

Voting Rules:

  1. You need to stake your #SAL token to vote.
  2. You can only choose one pair when vote, and the choice can NOT be changed later on.
  3. Your #SAL token will be locked until the vote is over.
  4. To incentive #SAL token holders to vote, staked #SAL will earn staking rewards, the rewards will be able to withdraw once the vote is over.
  5. The Vote will run 2 days, with total staking rewards of 5000 #SAL. The #SAL will be distributed equally according to staking time and amount. (Works the same way like yield farming)
  6. There will be another additional 5000 #SAL rewards for the Top 1 Pair voters. This rewards will be distributed once the vote ends, and according to the amount of #SAL you staked.
  7. Top 1 and Top 2 pairs will be added to new pools.
  8. The vote will be launched by Sep 7th, 2020. Stay tuned and get updates later!

#SAL burns

The team is now actively discussing sending extra unused #SAL tokens to empty address to burn. We are considering hold a vote later regarding how many #SAL tokens we are going to burn this time. Follow closely on the updates!

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