Release of Locked LP Token Schedule

2 min readSep 16, 2020


If you have locked LP-Token in Pearl-TRX, TAI-TRX, SAL-TRX pools, please keep an eye on this notice.

We have calculated the SAL token that is not exchanged to SLM,

Apart from the ones that left in exchanges, there are only less than 9000 SAL not redeemed.

We urge all SAL holder to exchange SAL to SLM via our website in here:

For centralized exchanges, as we notice some of them have already shutdown deposit and withdrawal, the team will try to contact and do manual swap with them.

We will keep an eye on the three addresses:




As we will shut down the SAL-SLM exchange on 2020–09–17 14:00 UTC time. We will take another snapshot right before the shutdown. After that no more auto-exchange for SAL-SLM.

2020–09–17 14:15 UTC Time, we will re-open SAL-TRX pool, the faster you get back your LP token and remove liquidity at JustSwap, the less risky of your funds. (There will be a ton of SAL coming out with SAL-TRX pool stakers, they will try their best to sell if there are any liquidity)

2020–09–17 14:45 UTC Time, we will re-open TAI-TRX, Pearl-TRX pools and release TAI-TRX and PEARL-TRX LP tokens.

We will take another snapshot on all pools’ open. (for 3 centralized exchanges)

We will ask the exchange to send back SAL (no more than the balance showing in the snapshot taken before the SAL-SLM exchange shutdown) and manually send back SLM.






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