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3 min readSep 15, 2020

Regarding the SAL exchange

The token exchange contract:

Till now 220k SAL has been exchanged to SLM, we found that there are some #SAL left in the vote contract, and in exchanges, etc.

Please check whether you have SAL left in VOTE and withdraw.

Please withdraw all SAL from centralized exchange and change to SLM here:

We are also contacting centralized exchanges to see whether we can help them exchange their token holdings.

The faster we move on with SAL token exchange, the faster we can re-open initial pools to help get the LP token out.

Regarding Locked LP token in initial 3 pools

Unfortunately the team was not able to stop the pools from distributing the SAL rewards, that’s why we have to lock the pools. Once it opens, the remaining SAL (around 85,000 SAL) will come out. To protect the value of current SLM, the team will shutdown the ‘SAL->SLM’ token replacement before re-open the pools so users can withdraw their LP token and SAL.

Team will firstly unlock SAL-TRX pools, be sure to remove liquidity as soon as you withdraw. Because those users will also receive a lot of SAL that can be sold, they might dump on SAL-TRX market.

In 1 hour, Team will unlock Pearl-TRX and TAI-TRX pools. Those users will get their LP token to get their original tokens at Justswap.

SLM Total Supply

The team has allocated 1m SLM for token exchange, the unused part will be burnt.

As we have presented before, the current pools follow this

When more pools are added, the production speed is not changed. This noon, as we got report from community that our production rate is 2x, we have our dev team checked the pool contract and found that our dev has written one line of debug code so the other 1x extra SLM is minted.

The good news is, this part is locked up in the pool contract and nobody (including the team) has access to it.

The bad news is, as nobody can access the extra token, we can not burn it.

The token can be viewed here in the pool contract:

The team has made adjustment to the front-end so that it reflects actual circulating SLM amount.

After the first 7 days, the team will try to launch new pool contract to fix this issue.


We are testing tBridge internally and hopefully the first version (eth — trx) can be launched next week.


We are fixing some display issue and building the stats page. We got a lot of feedbacks and have verified that, the contract runs well without bugs. Yet there are several display issue to be fixed.

sSwap Fee collect address


the 0.05% fee is sent as LP tokens, the collected fee can be viewed in here

as TronScan does not support view LP tokens right now, the unrecord token are actually LP tokens.

The team is working on a script that can automatically remove all liquidity from this account and buy back SLM.

Community are welcomed to monitor this fee account.




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