PEV LP Refund Vote

2 min readOct 7, 2020


Dear Community,

As you may all know, some front-runners invested earlier than majority of the community on the day when PEV launched, they monitored the contract creation and then bought heavily when Team was adding liquidity.

For the past 3 days, the community has debate on the unfairness brought by the front-run behavior and the Team felt urgent to address to this to ensure the majority of our community are protected.

As of now, with the staking rate of all four PEV LP pools are above 99%, the team has paused all transfer behavior for PEV tokens. A.K.A. No trading allowed.

(we do this because we want to ensure there is no dump while we address the unfairness via a vote)

PEV is a governance token, and the team would like to follow what the community wants.

The team has discussed with several community members, and was suggested some of the plausible solutions, in the next few days, you need to vote using your PEV or PEV LP tokens.

  1. Refund All LP investors with original amount and token and the rest of the fund goes to PEV holders.
  2. Remove Liquidities first, and share the funds across all PEV holders. (Your PEV LP share will be computed into PEV share)
  3. Stay as it is.

By voting for 1 and 2, you need to send your LP token & PEV token back, so the team can remove liquidity all together and retrieve the funds.

If you choose 3 and stay as it is, you do not need to send your LP token or PEV token back. After the team retreive fund and refund for 1 and 2 voters, you can freely trade.

Please be noted, the fund will be a combination of USDt, Pearl, TAI, SAN tokens. (especially for vote 2)

Whatever the vote result would be, all the procedures will be transparent and onchain, and can be viewed by the whole community.

The vote will be up within 1 day, and lasts 3 days. The team will get the LP token, as well as the PEV token and follow the procedure voted by our community.

For those who are willingly to keep their LP and PEV tokens, you will be free to trade after the team remove liquidity.

We are secere to address the issue so our community walfare is protected, opinions are valued, 3 days should suffice to inform everyone who are part of the PEV community. Please help spread the word so nobody is left behind.





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