Introducing Pearl Vault (PEV) — 1st Deflationary Farming on Tron

3 min readSep 29, 2020


Let’s learn about CORE:

PEV is a tron-fork of the current CORE project on eth. Right now it ranks the top 5 trading volume token on UniSwap, more than 100 million USD per day.

If you are interested in learning more about CORE:

The CORE uniswap pair:

PEV: Pearl Vault

🏃‍♀️ Initial Distribution

Via a liquidity event same as CORE.

By 2020–09–30 the TRONFI team will announce the wallet for liquidity event. People who want to participate can send tokens to corresponding wallet.

Tokens: USDt, Pearl, TAI, SAN

Weights: 15, 3, 1, 1

End Time: By Oct 7th, 10000 PEV token, together with all the tokens raised from the liquidity event, will be added to sSwap for corresponding LP tokens. Participant of the liquidity event will receive LP tokens in proportion.

That means, 7500 PEV and all USDt raised will be added to PEV/USDt, 1500 PEV and all Pearl raised will be added to PEV/PEARL, etc. And you will get corresponding LP tokens.

Please note:

Liquidity Tokens can NOT be removed from the PEV sSwap LP pool. This is by design.


CORE ran 7 days for liquidity event, PEV might take shorter (which is great) time to release the LP tokens, the team will at least notice before 24 hrs regarding any important date change.

📈 Deflationary Farming and the Tokenomics

LP token holders can stake their LP tokens to earn rewards, which are come from transfer fees. There are 4 LP Pools, with the same weight for splitting the transfer fee.

  1. Transfer fee of PEV token is currently set to 1%, which is same as CORE. By staking your LP tokens you can share the Transfer fee. (the fee percentage is not final at the moment, final one will be published before launch)
  2. Team rewards: 10% of the transfer fee get.

🚢 Keeping Liquidity Liquid

All transfers have to be approved by the PEV Transfers smart contract, which will block all liquidity withdrawals from sSwap. This will guarantee a stable market, giving holders and farmers skin in the game.

🙅‍♂️ 10000 PEV Forever

There is absolutely NO way to create new PEV tokens. This means the circulating supply can only ever go down, period.


By participating the liquidity event, there is no way to remove the LP tokens you received from sSwap. Please take caution in participating as there is potential loss involved. The success of CORE does not guarantee the success of PEV.




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