Introducing JustinSocks

2 min readMar 7, 2021


The original TRC-20 collectible backed by a physical luxury item.

Celebrating the mixture of cutting-edge DEFI and NFT collectible on Tron Network: #JustinSocks.

Most Iconic, Coolest and Limited Edition

Valuable NFT

Recently, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has listed his first ever tweet for sale, with bids reaching $2.5m (£1.8m).

“Just setting up my twttr,” the post, sent from Mr Dorsey’s account in March 2006, reads.

It will be sold as a non-fungible token (NFT) — a unique digital certificate that states who owns a photo, video or other form of online media.

But the post will remain publicly available on Twitter even after it has been auctioned off.

The buyer will receive a certificate, digitally signed and verified by Mr Dorsey, as well as the metadata of the original tweet. The data will include information such as the time the tweet was posted and its text contents.

The tweet was listed for sale on ‘Valuables by Cent’ — a tweets marketplace that was launched three months ago.

We all know Unisocks, at the time of writing this announcement, the price of one pair is $109211.7 USD. And with original supply of 500 Pairs, 185 pairs have been redeemed. There is only 350 pairs left. The scarcity and uniqueness is what made the socks valuable and this is what NFT means.

#JustinSocks Limited Edition

Of the 500 initial #JustinSocks supply, 450 $JSK were added as liquidity to the public bonding curve along with 45000 TRX, resulting in a starting price of 100 TRX per $JSK. The remaining 50 JustinSocks will be used in promotions. While we are toying with the idea of a retroactive airdrop to early $JSK holders and redeemers, nothing is set in stone yet. Stay up to date with any new developments!

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