DACC/USDt Liquidity Pool on sSwap

2 min readSep 30, 2020

Dear Community,

Upon report y’day of not being able to withdraw liquidity from DACC/USDt on sSwap, the dev team, unfortunately found that as the DACC contract is not a standard trc20 contract, the liquidity can not be removed from the pool.

The dev team has discontinued the salmonSwap staking pool, and delist DACC from the sSwap whitelist.

As of 2020–09–30 07:00 UTC, there are 7383 USDt and 11,074,949.059294946 DACC in the sSwap liquidity pool.

We have contacted the DACC team and they are willing to help to pay for the DACC part, and the TronFi team will pay for the USDt part to all liquidity providers.

In order to receive refund, you need to have the DACC/USDt LP token in your own PERSONAL wallet, so please withdraw any LP from salmonSwap Farm:

The team will take a snapshot in 2 days and proceed with the refund.

Thanks for your understanding.

TronFi Team




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