An introduction to first algorithmic stablecoin on Tron network.

A fork of code.

Seed Cash Pools (TBC rewards)

  • 1,000 TBC per day for 5 days. Each Pool has 250 TBC per day.
  • Stablecoin Pool (USDT) has a maximum 20k limitation per address.

Share Pools (TBS rewards)

  • TBC-USDT sSwapV2 LP Pool: 75,000 TBS reward, initial reward rate: 625 TBS per day. 25% decay every 30 days.
  • TBS-USDT sSwapV2 LP Pool: 25,000 TBS will be distributed equally for 365 days.


  • Boardroom rebase starts on 2021–01–13 14:00 UTC Time, when seed pool ends.
  • The rebase frequency will be 24 hours.
  • Stake TBS to earn TBC when 24-hour TWAP TBC Price > 1.05


  • If 24-hour TWAP TBC Price > 1.05, TBB can be redeemed to TBC on a 1:1 ratio.
  • If 24–hour TWAP TBC Price < 0.95, TBB can be bought via TBC.



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